What is our advantages?

How we did find our trade mark Jewel-Pet?

When we were see our first product PET flake in our hands we see same like jewels.Diamond,Sapphire,Emerald and Ruby…...

We are the one who understand you the best …

Because we are manufacturer of PET sheet also we are use PET Flake.So we also know the problems of during purchasing and production line with your process. Which means we can guarantee that you who is our business partner for us never have these kinds of problems.

We are the one who understand their customers best…

We are certain about to solve your problems immediately… if you have any problems caused by us we can guarantee the solution that will make you happy and satisfied as soon as possible..

We are approaching with the aspect of Business Partnership…

We are planning longterm business with our suppliers and our customers.Because we don’t like small step in our business life.

Environmental protection is not only our job !

Environmental protection is not only job of the recycle companies like us. We believe in we all together give attention to the environmental protection. We are working for a better world for the next generations. And the lovely part of our job is earning some money while protecting the enviroment!

Our other advantages ;

*High Capacity PET FLAKE Production as 1000ton/monhtly
*With our high-tech production line we make sodium hydroxite washing at 95 C
*With double stage sortex lines we provide foreign substance ppm rates closest to zero
*We have special two stage metal detectors.
*We work with the supplier specialists
*We produce our production with our ambitious colleagues
* We have all the environmental licences, certificates for work safety and health protection.
*We work with zero waste in our production as we are recyclers